Maharshi Charak Ayurveda
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Beauty Care

# Face Care The face is our introduction, identity, personality and much more. The special face care can be achieved by taking steps in a sequence like initial cleansing, herbal cream massage, gentle steam, face packs and moisturizing. Ayurveda classifies Mukha lepa (Face packs) into three types: 1. Doshaghna (alleviating doshas) 2. Vishaghana (Detoxifying) 3. Varnya (Complexion promoting)

# Hair care Ayurveda texts mention that the skin is a rolling landscape called as keshabhumi and the hair (Kesha) as a grass growing on it. For the proper growth of hair, the skin should be unctuous, clean, reddish and devoid of any wounds. Ayurvedic hair care is a procedure, which is fulfill in three steps:- Shiroabhyanga:- Gentle head massage with oil (According to dosha) . Shiroswedana:- Herbal steam on hair roots & scalp. Kesholepa:- Appling herbal paste on scalp, hair roots and whole hairs. After this procedure, when the paste becomes dry, rinse your hairs with plain water without using any shampoo or soap. This treatment helps to remove dandruff, stop premature graying and falling hairs.

# Skin care Ayurveda recommends the following schedule in all seasons, from childhood till the old age, for the whole body skin care. Apply slightly warmed oil, as per your body type. (Vata - Sesame oil, Pitta - coconut oil and Kapha - (mustard oils) Give a full body massage (Abhyanga) for about 10 -15 minutes. It nourishes the body, promotes longevity, overcomes fatigue, makes the skin soft and silky, promotes the strength and sturdiness of the skin, increases the resistance power and provides resistance to injuries and assault. Then cleanse your body with an appropriate herbal powder mixture or an Udvartana. An udvartana is a mixture of flour (gram or moong) and often aromatic herbal powders like Ushira, Chandana, Koshtha, Padmakashtha etc.

This udvartana procedure removes the oils on the body, alleviates the kapha dosha, renders the skin clean and smooth. If you are obese, then do a massage with dry powder of Vacha, mustak, triphala etc. It wards off the accumulation of excessive fats in the subcutaneous tissue. This procedure is called as ' Udgharshana'. Take a warm water bath to rinse off the Udavartana. It gives a pleasant feeling to the mind, relieves the stress and strain, removes the sleepy feeling, elevates the mood and rejuvenates to start the work with full enthusiasm.

# Netra Tarpana Medicated ghee is retained for prescribed time over the eyes. Strengthens optic nerve. Prevents eye diseases and gives a cooling effect to the eye. Very good to relieve eyestrain for those who work with computers. stop falling eyelashes, improves strength of eye muscles & nervous. Remove under eye dark circles.