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Ayurvedaraj Newsletter - July'08


Hypertension is estimated to cause 4.5% of current global disease burden and is as prevalent in many developing countries, as in the developed world. Blood pressure-induced cardiovascular risk rises continuously across the whole blood pressure range. Countries vary widely in capacity for management of hypertension, but worldwide the majority of diagnosed hypertensive is inadequately controlled. This statement addresses the ascertainment of overall cardiovascular risk to establish thresholds for initiation and goals of treatment, appropriate treatment strategies for non-drug and drug therapies, and cost-effectiveness of treatment. 

Ayurveda is a science of life with sole aim of providing health to the main kind and for the upliftment of society by providing a disease free and healthy environment. Health according to Ayurveda is not mere absence of disease. The concept of health according to Ayurveda is well being of all the three faculties Viz. Satva, Atma and Sharira. It conceives and describes the basic and applied aspects of life process, health and disease cured in terms of its own principle and approaches. Thus in this context Ayurveda is the therapy of choice.

As for as the name of disease is concerned no specific term is found for Essential Hypertension in Ayurvedic classics and not necessary that every manifestation must have names, but the problems can be measured according to the specific features it self. Various Acharyas have tried to coin a name to the disease Hypertension viz- Raktachapa, Raktavata, Dhamani-pratichaya, Raktagatavata, and Dhamani-prapurana etc.

Understanding Essential Hypertension in this perspective, vitiated Vata Dosha was thought to be chief culprit. Dhatugati (Rasagati or Vikshepa) is performed by Vayu it self. Pitta and Kapha compliment the effect of vitiated Vata and aid the process of disease progression. While Rasa Rakta, (whole blood) being the chief mediator of vitiation. Hence the concept goes in accordance, that the disease is tridosaj.

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'Hypertension' (persistent raised arterial pressure) although, the handy literature is not observed in Ayurvedic classic, review of previous theoretical and clinical works on this topic point out certain mode of involvement of dosha and dushya in the genesis of it. Most of efforts shows a prime role of vata in association of remaining dosha pitta kapha. Also, Acharya Charaka permit to treat such disease without nomenclature by judging the involvement of dosha dushya only (Cha.Su.20).

Acharya Charaka has defined snehana as the treatment, which produces viscosity, softness, solubility and kleda in the body (Cha.Su.22/10).

Dhara is not only used in psychic diseases but, also used in psychosomatic diseases like psoriasis.

Dhara is done by different medicaments like taila, takra, kshira, kwatha etc. In the southern Dhara therapy is most commonly practiced.

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Sarpagandha consists of air dried root of Rauwolfia serpentina (Linn.) Benth. Ex Kurz (Fam. Apocynaceae); a perennial under shrub widely distributed in India in the subHimalayan tracts upto 1,000 m as well as, in the lower ranges of the Eastern and Western Ghats and in the Andamans.


Anidra (insomnia), Apasmara (epilepsy), Bhrama (disorientation), Jvara (Fever), Krimiroga (Worm infestation), Madaroga , Unmada, Raktavata, Manasaroga (Mental ailments), Vrana (injuries).

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Observed Effects of Yoga on Blood Pressure

1. Regular practice of Yoga reduces blood pressure to the tune of 10 to 15 mm / Hg (observed facts, good evidence exists to support this observation)
2. Yoga can reduce weight loss which in turn reduces blood pressure.
3. Regular Yoga performers are less likely to suffer from Hypertension than their age & sex matched counterparts. This result has been studied and proven at our center.
4. The night 'dip' of blood pressure a phenomenon seen in normal people and which can be absent in some hypertensive is usually restored as observed at our center.
5. A casual Shavasana and Omkar chanting each can reduce the B.P. by about 10 - 15 mm / Hg even in an untrained person who may not practice Yoga regularly.

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Indication: Hypertension

Detail: a classical Ayurvedic medicine desribed in Siddhyoga Samgraha.It contains Sarpagandha extract, Khursaniajwain extract, Jatamanshi extract  Piplamool churn. This medicine has been used as antihypertensive medicine since a long time.

Dose: 1 to 2 Tabs with water, after dinner / bed time or as directed by the physician.

Testimonial For Training

The training has been a valuable asset to my current profession as a massage therapist. More importantly, the enthusiastic one on one with the staff here at the center hasJ made me realize how much more there is to know about the wonderful world of Ayurvedic medicine.

This course has been very informative, well planned, and through. The doctors & staff are patient & kind, receptive to all my questions. I recommend this course for lay person as well as professionals.

Jen Hutehison


Thanks Jen Hutehison for the nice compliments about us.